” 4 – 8 wit My Favorite Bait “

I woke up in my tent, and I was hungry.  Before tackling a long day of fishing, I cooked up some bacon, eggs, and fresh pressed coffee (camping style).  I was feeling good because the weather had finally turned for the better.

It was a slow morning from the lake we were camping on, so we traveled through a creek to an adjoining lake. When we approached the mouth of the creek, you could see weed beds scattered throughout the lake, and we immediately began to work them in a counter clockwise direction.

About 30 minutes into the first weed beds, shortly after switching to my favorite bait (white/grey with purple flake plastic worm), I pulled in a 4 lb. 1 oz. Largemouth.  Before the adrenaline subsided from that Bass, I hooked onto this  4 lb. 8 oz lunker using the same bait. Excellent! BassNinja®