” Da Skippa! “

This Bass was caught in a small private pond.  It had rained earlier that day, and the sky remained overcast.  The water was still.  It looked like glass, and felt “prime time.”

The shoreline had some residential development; the rest was surrounded by trees.  Furthermore, the branches and leaves draped into and above the water, providing great cover for a bass to be chillin’, waiting for my bait.

My buddy and I fished for about 2 hours. We were catchin’ bass, but nothing exceeding 2 pounds.   As we fished the pond in a counter clockwise direction, we came to a big down tree. It looked dope and good vibes started to flow. My BassNinja® focus was enabled, and I had to decided where to place my bait.

I then cast my plastic worm (black, weedless), using the sidearm arm technique, and skipped the bait at the tree.  It was a nice cast. I reeled in 3 full rotations, a quick jiggly and a wiggle, BAM! The Bass engulfed the bait, bolted off, and tried to go deeper into cover. Staying focused, I maneuvered the Bass through the branches, and quickly reeled her in.  I was excited, and without hesitation, I threw her on the scale.  She weighed 5 lb. 1 oz.  Oh Dang!  After taking a couple pictures, I gave her a kiss, and released her with honor.  Nice Fish! BassNinja®