November Chill

” November Chill “

The temperature pushed 47 degrees and light showers fell throughout the morning.  It was cold. The November chill was creeping in, and winter was coming.  The end of the season was near.

The lake was relatively small, 148 acres, with a max-depth of 10ft. Stumps, rocks, and weeds scattered throughout the depths. Houses covered most of the western shore and woods surrounded the rest.

After fishing for a bit, I came to a nice rocky spot.  The water depth was 9ft. Big rocks and a couple stumps coated the bottom.

By this time, I had to switch my bait. So I put on my square-billed crankbait (crayfish), and retrieved it at a medium pace, reaching depths of  6-8ft, swimming through and bouncing off the rocks down below.  After ten minutes though, no hits, and confidence in the spot started to diminish. The wind began to pick up, but I had to give it five more minutes.

As I started to shiver —I should have brought my jacket — this monster wailed my line. The bait hit a couple rocks, and the whack immediately followed. As the Bass made its way to the surface, it turned to its side, and then quickly returned back into the depths. Once this happened, I knew it was a good size. Remaining focused, I pulled the Bass into the boat. Perfect timing, it was barley hooked. It weighted a chunky 4 lb. 11 oz. Gobble-Gobble y’all! BassNinja®