Phew a 4,2

” Phew a 4 – 2 “

At times a BassNinja® can become frustrated. He can be hungry, running out of beer, and not have had a single hit all day. It is during these times that the patience, confidence, persistence and knowledge of the BassNinja® will determine the outcome of the day.

The following bass is an example of when the BassNinja® refuses to give up, he knows that through examining his surroundings and by fishing the ideal structure, he will be rewarded with a nice bass.

A sunken rock wall extending into the depths of the lake was the perfect habitat for what I was seeking. The perfect spot was not the only important factor, I needed a bait that I was confident in.  I tied on my go to rig, a black and gold 1/2 oz jig with a four inch matching tube for a trailer.

The final and critical component to landing this fish was the ninja like approach to the positioning. It is imperative that the BassNinja® does not ever under estimate his prize and a slow and stealth procedure left the area undisturbed and still.  All that was left was the proper cast, the loud splash likely alerted the nearby bass.  The strike was immediate and the rest is history!