” November Chill “

The temperature pushed 47 degrees and light showers fell throughout the morning.  It was cold. The November chill was creeping in, and winter was coming.  The end of the season was near.

The lake was relatively small, 148 acres, with a max-depth of 10ft. Stumps, rocks, and weeds scattered throughout the depths. Houses covered most of the western shore and woods surrounded the rest.

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” The Hunt for the Bass October “

Fall fishing in the Northeast; a time for bassin, baseball, and fantasy football. It’s the hunt for bass, a World Series title, and playoffs.

Sunday, the sun rose, and morning fog consumed us. A cold night before had led to a brisk morning, a chilly 41 degrees.  However, I was prepared, layered up with the BassNinja® Shadow Masta hoodie.  Fall had arrived, the leaves were beginning to change, but nowhere near their peak. Yup, it was peaceful and dope.

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” Phew a 4 – 2 “

At times a BassNinja® can become frustrated. He can be hungry, running out of beer, and not have had a single hit all day. It is during these times that the patience, confidence, persistence and knowledge of the BassNinja® will determine the outcome of the day.

The following bass is an example of when the BassNinja® refuses to give up, he knows that through examining his surroundings and by fishing the ideal structure, he will be rewarded with a nice bass.

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” Sunset Bassin’ “

I love sunset bass fishing in the Adirondacks. I hooked onto this 3 -1 after a great day of bass fishing.  My bait of choice, those lucky Gary Yamamoto’s.  This fishing area is great for pike, largemouth, smallmouth bass, and more.  I have been fishing the Adirondacks since I was a tadpole and hope to fish there forever.

” 3 – 1 and Done “

It was Saturday early morning, and the weekend couldn’t of come fast enough. I popped out of bed with a text from my buddy John.   As usual, I already knew I was running late. I quickly grab my fishing gear from the corner of my room, and jetted to John’s house.

At this point, I had no idea where we were headed too, but I knew it would be a good spot. When I arrived, John informed me that we were going to our normal stopping grounds, Red Cedar lake.  It was a good time of year to go because the weeds were starting to grow throughout the lake, and the milfoil hadn’t taken a hold yet.  Especially, in the back of the lake.

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” Giddy Up! “

What up mon!  I caught this 3 lb. 4 oz. Largemouth in upstate New York.  The time was noon, and the sun was high in the sky. This guy hit my bait in shallow water.  As you can see, I was close to the shore. My cast was a far one, and a good one at that.  I was able to place my bait by a number of large rocks. Kudos to the cast, the Bass hit the bait about 5 seconds after it had landed. I used a black plastic worm about 6 inches long. Overall, the fight was awesome, and an experience to remember. Giddy Up!

” 4 – 8 wit My Favorite Bait “

I woke up in my tent, and I was hungry.  Before tackling a long day of fishing, I cooked up some bacon, eggs, and fresh pressed coffee (camping style).  I was feeling good because the weather had finally turned for the better.

It was a slow morning from the lake we were camping on, so we traveled through a creek to an adjoining lake. When we approached the mouth of the creek, you could see weed beds scattered throughout the lake, and we immediately began to work them in a counter clockwise direction.

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” Positive Energy “

It was July, midday, chilly, and wet.  Thankfully, I remember to bring my rain gear.  After hours of fishing, I was about to call it a day, but then this 2 lb. 15 oz. Bass came along.  Sweet!  The catch certainly warmed up the soul and gave me a burst of positive energy to fish for at least another hour.  Namaste.  BassNinja®

” Da Skippa! “

This Bass was caught in a small private pond.  It had rained earlier that day, and the sky remained overcast.  The water was still.  It looked like glass, and felt “prime time.”

The shoreline had some residential development; the rest was surrounded by trees.  Furthermore, the branches and leaves draped into and above the water, providing great cover for a bass to be chillin’, waiting for my bait.

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