October Bass

” The Hunt for the Bass October “

Fall fishing in the Northeast; a time for bassin, baseball, and fantasy football. It’s the hunt for bass, a World Series title, and playoffs.

Sunday, the sun rose, and morning fog consumed us. A cold night before had led to a brisk morning, a chilly 41 degrees.  However, I was prepared, layered up with the BassNinja® Shadow Masta hoodie.  Fall had arrived, the leaves were beginning to change, but nowhere near their peak. Yup, it was peaceful and dope.

The morning began somewhat active with the water temperature hovering around 60 degrees. We were catching small bass and pickerel.  Baits of choice, plastic worms and crankbaits.

Hours went by, the sun got higher in the sky, raising the air temperature to 55 degrees. Throughout the day, I had been switching back and forth between two poles.  Equipped with a different crankbait on each, a lipless crankbait, and a squared billed crankbait.

The clock struck 2:40pm as we approached a small island. We immediately began to fish around it. Within a couple casts, Bang! The Bass struck with vengeance. At first, I couldn’t see it, but it felt big. He jumped trying to spit the hook, but in this case two treble hooks. He wasn’t going anywhere. The fight was worthy, and I had to adjust my drag a couple times. In addition, lipping the Bass was no easy task. It’s like you have to catch the bass twice. Anyways, the scale ticked up to 3 lb. 7 oz. A nice fall Largemouth. I paid my respects, let it go, and continued the hunt. BassNinja®